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Guests on American Cruise Lines (ACL) tours can explore more with excursion bundles and new catamaran-style vessels.

ACL has announced it is offering guests who take a river cruise in America’s Pacific Northwest an excursion bundle to Yellowstone, Glacier and Grand Teton National Parks.

The three iconic parks, located in Wyoming and Montana, are being offered as part of ACL’s seven-day cruise on the Columbia and Snake rivers along the border of Washington and Oregon.

The cruise line has had day tour excursions in the past and is excited to expand. ACL’s CEO, Charles B Robertson, said, “This is our first real foray into land packages.

“This is really a bolt-on package at the end, and these will be our longest packages, and the first ones that go into the national parks.”

Taking into consideration the remote and sometimes dangerous terrains that these national parks represent, “A lot of our passengers feel that we offer the safest and most convenient way to see these very remote places that we travel to,” said Robertson.

The tour extension is offered for three nights priced at US$1700 pp, and seven nights priced at US$3900 pp.

This news follows ACL’s announcement earlier this year that it plans to build a 12-ship fleet of catamaran-style vessels.

The first of the 109-passenger ships debuts in 2023 and will feature a swim platform and kayaks.

The hybrid river-expedition design will boast the luxurious features found on ACL’s riverboats, as well as private balconies on 85% of the cabins.

Robertson has said of the twin-hull design that these vessels will be able to visit far more ports than the company’s other vessels.

“We go to about 100 ports in total now, and this boat can go to hundreds more. It can get into some really cool nooks and crannies in Maine and get further south down the waterway in Florida and do more in the Chesapeake Bay.

“It can hit these gems of towns that have really never been on cruise itineraries before.”

For more information, visit americancruiselines.com