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Oberammergau is a picturesque village in Bavaria, Germany that transforms every 10 years to host the most famous and historical passion play in the world. 

Around half a million visitors travel to the village, many from the United States, England, and Scandinavia to witness the epic play. 

The play has been presented every 10 years since 1634, in fulfillment of a vow made by villagers so they can be spared from the Bubonic Plague.

Local villagers meticulously prepare for over 100 performances of the almost 500-hour long passion play. 

Only people who were born from the village or those who have lived for 20 years in the area are allowed to take part in the acting or singing in the chorus. 

In 2020, the play was postponed for two years, only two months before the premier, ironically by another pandemic. 

The comeback of the passion play is now a much-awaited event, and you can take part in celebrating the tradition through a river cruise. 

Here are the top river cruise lines with confirmed Oberammergau itineraries. 

1. Avalon Waterways 

Avalon’s Oberammergau Europe cruises feature the 2022 Passion Play experience on top of the notable service and cruise tours. 

In this special river cruise itinerary, you can enjoy preferred seating during the Passion Play, hotel accommodations in the village, and a local Avalon office to help you during your stay. 

Here are Avalon’s itineraries that includes Oberammergau 2022: 

  • Romantic Rhine with 1 Night in Munich, 2 Nights in Oberammergau and 1 Night in Innsbruck | 12 days from Munich to Amsterdam | Price starts from A$7,607 
  • Danube Dreams with Habsburg and Royalty and with Oberammergau | 12 Day River Cruise from Budapest to Munich | Price starts from A$7,749
  • Danube Dreams with Oberammergau | 12 Day River Cruise from Budapest to Munich | Price starts from A$7,749
  • Romantic Rhine with 2 Nights in Innsbruck & Oberammergau | 13 Day River Cruise Amsterdam to Munich | Price starts from A$8,257

2. Viking River Cruises 

Viking River Cruises has confirmed at least four itineraries that feature Oberammergau this year. 

  • Oberammergau, The Passion Play | 10 Day River Cruise Munich to Budapest | Price starts from A$5,897
  • Oberammergau, Innsbruck & the Rhine | 12 Days River Cruise from Amsterdam to Oberammergau | Price starts from A$6,969
  • Oberammergau with Salzburg| 12 Days River Cruise from Oberammergau to Budapest | Price starts from A$7,237
  • Oberammergau, the Alps & the Rhine | 12 Days River Cruise from Munich to Amsterdam | Price starts from A$6,969

3. Uniworld 

Uniworld confirmed new pre-cruise extension on exclusive sailings on its Delightful Danube itinerary onboard S.S. Beatrice. 

The river cruise line’s pre-cruise extension is available on the following dates only: 

  • May 25, 2022
  • June 22, 2022
  • July 6, 2022
  • August 17, 2022
  • September 14, 2022

Guests of the special cruise will experience guided tours in Oberammergau, followed by the Passion Play. Also during the break, guests will be provided with three-course dinner. The fare includes a 20night stay in Oberammergau, a special seating during the play, and other perks. 

The extension package is available for an additional A$5,092 per person, based on double occupancy. 

4. Tauck 

The luxury river cruise line confirmed it is joining the Oberammergau voyages with the following itineraries: 

  • Heart of the Danube featuring Oberammergau | 11 Days River Cruising from Oberammergau to Budapest | Prices start from A$ 8,432
  • The Romantic Rhine| 11 Days River Cruise from Basel to Amsterdam featuring Oberammergau | Prices start from A$ 9,370
  • The Blue Danube featuring Oberammergau | 13 Days River Cruise from Vienna to Dürnstein | Prices start from A$10,577