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European river cruise line CroisiEurope announced it’s adding three vessels to its growing fleet.

Its ships the Van Gogh and Renoir are two completely rebuilt versions of older ships and CroisiEurope has redesigned and redecorated them to the ‘five anchor’ standard of the line’s premium vessels.

Both ships have the capacity for 105 passengers. The Van Gogh will be sailing from Lyon on the Rhone and Saone Rivers while the Renoir will be on the Seine River between Paris and Honfleur.

The line is also introducing the Elbe Princess II which will be a paddlewheel vessel setting sail on the Elbe and Vltava rivers between Berlin and Prague. These lesser known rivers have low water issues, which the paddlewheel can easily combat. It’s the second ship from CroisiEurope built with this technology, the first being the Elbe Princess.

The line also late last year launched its own ship on the Chobe River, the African Dream. It also has developed its own African cruise tour and in 2019, the line will build another ship for Portugal’s Douro River.