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For those who tend towards ocean cruising, there’s always plenty of options around for longer, winding voyages. However, most river cruises don’t span beyond a couple of weeks.

But now Antara Luxury River Cruises is claiming its December cruise could be a record breaker.

Antara Ganga Vilas will spend a remarkable 51-days on the water, making its way through India and Bangladesh on a journey packing in 27 smaller rivers and five different states. 

Raj Singh, Chairman of Antara said:  “Each experience has been personally vetted and designed by me for fellow enthusiastic travellers.

“The historical route has been finalised with the support, assistance and cooperation of the governments of India and Bangladesh, which are working together to ensure seamless travel between the two countries.”

Every single day will have offshore and onshore experiences, with some highlights including world heritage sites in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal, as well as the UNESCO-protected Sundarbans, where you can search for tigers. 

Mr Singh said there’s a strong emphasis on culture experiences.

“Our guests visit Matiari where they watch brassware and textiles in the villages being hand-created. They walk on the same grounds on archaeological sites that date to over 2500 years.

“We go to Vikramshila, one of the largest Buddhist universities alongside Nalanda and Bhagalpur for its centuries-old Tussar silk weaving traditions.”

Annapurna Garimella, art historian and director of Antara Cruises, reinforces that the rich history and culture that is ingrained into every step of the journey.

“Life and civilization began along these rivers, and artistic expression is its strongest reflection of a culture. 

“The cruise explores so many of these facets, whether in food, textiles, architecture or agriculture. Navigating through this vast landscape is to immerse yourself in the culture of this country that we now call India.”

When you’re on board you can expect nothing but luxury, with an open sundeck, fitted-out spa, locally inspired gourmet food and floor-to-ceiling windows flooding light into every suite. 

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